Car accidents can have devastating effects on families. If you’ve been injured, speak with a qualified car accident attorney. We’re here for you. When accidents happen, we take care of the legal side so that you can focus on recovery. EEP Law is NYC’s Powerhouse Personal Injury Law firm. Help starts here!

Recent motor vehicle accident injury case victories
Recent motor vehicle accident injury case victories
Recent motor vehicle accident injury case victories

There exists a level of trust and legal obligation for all drivers of motor vehicles to follow the laws of the road and show the proper level of caution and respect for fellow motorists, cyclists and pedestrians.

As it is stated within the law, all drivers are charged with the specific duty to “see what is there to be seen” and make every effort to safely navigate the roads without causing an accident or injury. When a driver operates a vehicle negligently or in violation of the many rules and operating standards, they can and should be held implicitly responsible for the injuries they cause.

Car accident injuries can alter your life. and ability to work or care for your family. We aggressively pursue cases where negligence is evident.

Truck accident cases can become complicated because there can often be many parties that bear some responsibility for the accident.

Motorcycle accidents Our firm also handles wrongful death claims stemming from motorcycle accident cases. While another driver may not have seen you on the road, this doesn’t absolve them from responsibility for your injuries.

Pedestrians are frequently the victim of poorly lit streets and dangerous vehicle operators.

Grief and complexity of the situation can stand in the way of fair compensation. Don’t be manipulated or bullied by your insurance company.  If you’ve been injured in a car accident, talk to a lawyer. We’re here for you.