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Product Liability

EEP Law represents individuals and families of those injured or killed by defective products.

Faulty and defective products cause injuries that impact an individual’s and family’s financial stability.

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EEP Law represents victims of products that don’t function as expected and result in injury.

All manufacturers, distributors, retailers and suppliers have a duty to make sure the products they put on the market are safe for prescribed use. In the event a product causes personal injury due to a malfunction as a result of design defect or individual malfunction, a lawsuit on the grounds of product liability may be in order. We’re experts in the intricacies of New York and New Jersey products liability law. Not everything works the way it should.

There are numerous circumstances that fall under products liability, from gross negligence to breach of warranty, in addition to many types of consumer protection claims. It is important to understand that not only does each type of product liability come with a specific set of requirements in order to win a successful verdict, but also that the injury laws that govern products liability are unique to individual states.

Common types of product liability cases we handle:

Defective Medical Devices: These cases often involve medical implants, prostheses, or other devices that malfunction or cause adverse health effects. This can range from hip replacements to pacemakers, and even to mesh implants.

Defective Drugs: Similar to defective medical devices, these cases involve medications that have adverse side effects not adequately disclosed or that are dangerous even when used as intended. Examples include antidepressants, antipsychotic drugs, birth control pills, and even over-the-counter medications.

Motor Vehicle Defects: Cars, trucks, and other motor vehicles may contain defects that pose a danger to consumers. This category can include issues with airbags, seatbelts, engines, and tires.

Children’s Toys and Products: Toys that contain hazardous materials, small parts that present choking hazards, or design flaws that lead to injury are common subjects of product liability cases.

Household Appliances and Tools: Appliances like stoves, toasters, lawnmowers, and even electric drills can be dangerous if they are defectively designed or manufactured. These cases often involve fires, electric shocks, or other serious injuries.

Industrial Machinery: In industrial settings, heavy machinery that is defectively designed or lacks proper safety features can cause severe injuries or even death.

E-cigarettes and Vaping Devices: There have been cases of vaping devices that explode or malfunction, leading to burns or other injuries. E-cigarettes containing harmful substances that lead to respiratory issues have also been the subject of lawsuits.

Defective Electronics: These cases often involve smartphones, laptops, or other consumer electronics that catch fire, explode, or otherwise fail to function as safely expected.

Sports and Recreational Equipment: Items like helmets, bicycles, or even gym equipment that fail to provide the expected level of safety can be the subject of product liability claims.

If you have a question about Product Liability, don’t hesitate to contact our attorneys to see if you have a case.

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