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Recent motor vehicle accident injury case victories
Recent motor vehicle accident injury case victories
Recent motor vehicle accident injury case victories

Motor Vehicle Accidents

There exists a level of trust and legal obligation for all drivers of motor vehicles to follow the laws of the road and show the proper level of caution and respect for fellow motorists, cyclists and pedestrians.

As it is stated within the law, all drivers are charged with the specific duty to “see what is there to be seen” and make every effort to safely navigate the roads without causing an accident or injury. When a driver operates a vehicle negligently or in violation of the many rules and operating standards, they can and should be held implicitly responsible for the injuries they cause.

Car accident injuries can alter your life. and ability to work or care for your family. We aggressively pursue cases where negligence is evident.

Truck accident cases can become complicated because there can often be many parties that bear some responsibility for the accident.

Motorcycle accidents Our firm also handles wrongful death claims stemming from motorcycle accident cases. While another driver may not have seen you on the road, this doesn’t absolve them from responsibility for your injuries.

Pedestrians are frequently the victim of poorly lit streets and dangerous vehicle operators.

Premises – Slip, Trip & Fall

Individuals, businesses and government agencies have clearly defined responsibilities for maintaining property in a safe condition.

If you have been the victim of an accident on someone’s premises though no fault of your own, whether a commercial establishment, private home or public property, it is your legal right to investigate the cause, and in the case of wrongdoing, file suit on the basis of premises liability.

The most common examples of injuries that occurred from negligent maintenance of property:

  • Trip and fall on a sidewalk or walkway due to uneven, cracked pavement or the presence of sidewalk flags. In addition to home and business owners, it is often the city that is ultimately held responsible.
  • Slip and fall on ice or slick ground as a result of improper shoveling and salting.
  • Stairway defects resulting from factors, including improper construction in accordance with local building codes, damaged steps or lack of step uniformity, loose handrails or improper handrail length and positioning.
  • Ceiling collapses in a building or home caused by lack of maintenance or the result of construction and building materials that fail to meet code.
  • Slip and fall as a result of a wet floor, improper lighting, tripping hazard or hole. Owners of a premises or employees must alert visitors verbally and/or with clear signage and correct the potential danger within a reasonable amount of time.

Product Liability

All manufacturers, distributors, retailers and suppliers have a duty to make sure the products they put on the market are safe for prescribed use. In the event a product causes personal injury due to a malfunction as a result of design defect or individual malfunction, a lawsuit on the grounds of product liability may be in order. We’re experts in the intricacies of New York and New Jersey products liability law. Not everything works the way it should.

There are numerous circumstances that fall under products liability, from gross negligence to breach of warranty, in addition to many types of consumer protection claims. It is important to understand that not only does each type of product liability come with a specific set of requirements in order to win a successful verdict, but also that the injury laws that govern products liability are unique to individual states.

Wrongful Death

Few situations in life are more trying than when a loved one passes away before their time — especially if it never should have happened but for the negligence of another person.

In the case of wrongful death, the victim is often subjected to what is referred to as “fear of impending death,” in which case additional compensation is in order.

Just because a loved one met their end as a result of someone else’s negligence and no longer has the capacity to enact retribution, does not mean the guilty party is not accountable for the pain and suffering they caused. The law places a high value on the precious time between when an accident occurs and the moment the victim ultimately expires, and with the assistance of an expert trained in determining the exact conditions of the case we will help you pursue the maximum level of compensation..


Aviation accident litigation is exceptionally complex and costly. We’ve assembled a legal team and support staff dedicated to successful outcomes. When you are injured in an airline accident, or suffer the tragedy of losing a loved one, take action in order to receive compensation for all that was taken from you. Help starts here.

Presently, we are representing a victim in the explosion aboard Southwest Airlines flight 1380.

Don’t let the grief you feel or the complexity of the situation stand in the way of fair compensation.