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Car, Truck & Motorcycle Accidents
EEP Law is a New York City personal injury law firm.

Car, Truck & Motorcycle Accidents

Do you drive in the city and boroughs? Every day there are accidents involving cars, trucks, and motorcycles. If you were hurt in an accident where would you turn? Turn to EEP Law.

We have a proven record of getting results for people injured in motor vehicle accidents in New York & New Jersey. We fight for injured drivers & passengers including commercial drivers hurt on the job.

EEP Law Fights for What Matters to You Most – Your Family and Your Future.

I cannot speak highly enough of Elefterakis, Elefterakis & Panek (EEP) for their outstanding legal representation in my accident case. From the moment I reached out to them, by way of a referral from my friend (who happens to be a plastic surgeon), they demonstrated unwavering dedication and commitment to achieving justice for me and my family.


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Caring, empathetic and professional. They always answer all my questions or concerns when I call. They continue to go above and beyond. My father passed away a few weeks back and they sent a beautiful arrangement of flowers to the funeral home. They feel more like a friend/family than my attorney.


Thoughtful, helpful, informative and communicative! Carmen Sanchez was a wealth of info and always available to answer any questions I needed. They handled my car accident case with care and gave me my options, no pressure, just info and advice. Great thing is that they handle a wide variety of cases. All staff are professional and friendly and work diligently for you. Janice Rodriquez was also amazing.


Best law firm with an amazing staff, everyone is so nice and welcoming. I would recommend this law firm to anybody that I know.


They were very responsive and nice! I'm glad that I got to work with them! :)


Above and beyond.
I recommend.


Great firm! Easy communication and importantly, they get the result for you!


Help Starts Here - EEP Law in NYC's Powerhouse Personal Injury & Civil Rights Law Firm.

EEP Law helps victims of car, truck and motorcycle accidents in New York & New Jersey.

Car accident injuries can alter your life. and ability to work or care for your family. We aggressively pursue cases where negligence is evident.

Truck accident cases can become complicated because there can often be many parties that bear some responsibility for the accident.

Motorcycle accidentsWhile another driver may not have seen you on the road, this doesn’t absolve them from responsibility for your injuries. Our firm also handles wrongful death claims stemming from motorcycle accident cases. 

Pedestrians are frequently the victim of poorly lit streets and dangerous vehicle operators.

There exists a level of trust and legal obligation for all drivers of motor vehicles to follow the laws of the road and show the proper level of caution and respect for fellow motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians.

As it is stated within the law, all drivers are charged with the specific duty to “see what is there to be seen” and make every effort to safely navigate the roads without causing an accident or injury. When a driver operates a vehicle negligently or in violation of the many rules and operating standards, they can and should be held implicitly responsible for the injuries they cause.

Learn more about our firm and attorneys. We are Counsel that Cares. We get results that matter.

Know your rights, have a support system, and seek legal counsel if you’ve been involved in an accident.

It’s important that you keep all records and evidence from an accident including: Police reports, medical records, bills and photos or documentation of the accident.

Car accident questions we frequently answer:

Should I get a lawyer for (after) a car accident?

After a car accident, it’s crucial to have a compassionate and experienced injury lawyer by your side. At EEP Law we’ll not only safeguard your rights but also provide the support and guidance you need during this challenging time, ensuring you receive maximum compensation for your injuries and damages. Focus on your recovery, we’re happy to answer your questions, our consultations are free and there’s no fee unless you win.

Can I settle a car accident claim without a lawyer?

While it’s possible to settle a car accident claim without a lawyer, it’s challenging to navigate the complexities and ensure you receive a fair settlement. We achieve favorable outcomes by effectively negotiating with insurance companies, understanding the true value of your claim, and protecting your rights throughout the process. We’re happy to answer your questions, our consultations are free and there’s no fee unless you win.

When should you call a lawyer after a car accident?

First, if you or anyone involved in the accident has suffered injuries, seeking immediate medical attention is crucial. You should call a lawyer immediately after a car accident, especially if you have suffered injuries or significant property damage. The sooner you call EEP Law, the sooner we can help gather crucial evidence, protect your rights, and guide you through the entire claims process, ensuring you receive the maximum compensation you rightfully deserve.

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EEP Law was founded by family, forged by friendship, and built on integrity. Our firm is dedicated to the seriously injured and their families.

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