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EEP Law Releases Statement on the Felony Conviction of Rebecca Hillman

Your Content Goes Here “Ryan Wilson’s life was lost in the City’s custody when those in power chose to let him die.” - John Elefterakis Former NYC correction captain, Rebecca Hillman, was convicted of criminally negligent homicide for ordering her subordinate not to intervene when an inmate committed suicide in his Manhattan jail cell. Hillman, 40, faces up to four years in prison for the death of Ryan Wilson in November 2020, who was serving time at The Tombs for parole violation and robbery charges. EEP Law represents the family of Ryan Wilson. By holding Rebecca [...]

EEP Law wins landmark $17.675 million settlement for exoneree Johnny Hincapie, a client who was wrongly convicted of Felony Murder.

Your Content Goes Here Among the Largest Wrongful Conviction Settlements in New York History. Johnny Hincapie was only 18 years old and had never been arrested when he was brought to the Midtown North Precinct by seasoned homicide detectives and coerced to falsely confess to one of the most notorious crimes of this City’s darkest era – the Labor Day 1990 stabbing of “Utah Tourist” Brian Watkins on a Midtown Subway platform. Despite his immediate recantation of the false confession and extensive evidence of his innocence, Mr. Hincapie was wrongly convicted of felony murder and sentenced [...]

EEP Law brought home FOUR of the Top 10 Verdicts in NY State including the number one overall highest verdict!

Your Content Goes Here The Top 10 Verdicts of New York for 2021 are in and Elefterakis, Elefterakis & Panek brought home FOUR of the Top 10 Verdicts in the State, including New York’s number one, overall highest verdict! Founding Partner, Ray Panek secured the number one verdict of $32 million—more than double the number two verdict. Partners and Trial Attorneys, Steve Kahn, Johnson Atkinson and Wayne Wattley secured the seventh, eighth and ninth largest verdicts in New York State. No firm other than EEP Law had more than one verdict in the Top 10. When we say [...]